Image size - Posts

No matter how much time you spend into the designing of your blog, it will never be better than the pictures in your posts. Content is king! For this reson, here's a guide on how to upload large images that adapts to the blog's wide. It will not look good if the pictures you post is too small, simple as that!

Upload a picture using the " ad media function". 

Click on the image you want to use, on the right side you will see the different settings under "ATTACHMENT Display Settings". The default settings for  the picture size is always set to Medium size.

Use the dropdown function and choose "Full size", then just hit the orange button "Insert into post". Baam! You should now have full a fulls sized picture in your post. 

The image will be adapted to the theme's width and fit perfectly on the blog. Once you have selected full size, all new pictures will be uploaded in this size.

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